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TrueLite Maxi TU100

TrueLite Maxi TU100
TrueLite Maxi TU100
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 Bigger and better are two words that have always gone hand in hand. The True Utility LED torches TrueLite range changes everything, as by making these led torches smaller they’ve become brighter and better. The TrueLite Maxi is the biggest led torch within the range and as an ultra bright compact flashlight it is the led torch with real purpose and the one you’ll always want to have on you. 

By developing a special lens that sits directly on the light source we have eradicated the need for the standard torch reflector. In turn losing this reflector has enabled the loss of considerable length from the torch. Whilst doing this to make it smaller it is has also enabled it to be a lot brighter. All of this is achieved and powered by only 3 AAA batteries allowing it to boast an amazing 3W of output and 120+ lumens. 
It is designed from aircraft grade anodised aluminium with special anti-slip grips to make its use effortless and enjoyable. It is water resistant due to its incorporated rubberised ‘O’ rings allowing it to be useful in any pursuits outdoor or indoors. It stands on its tail end with a rubber button to tactically turn it on/off. It offers both full power and power saving modes to make the battery life and brightness suit your needs.

  • 3 x 1 WATT - 120+ LUMENS
  • Power save mode - lasts up to 12hrs - Normal Mode - up to 240mins
  • Aircraft grade anodised aluminium body with shockproof, water resistant build quality. High quality neoprene sealing ‘O’ rings throughout
  • Tactical ON/OFF tail button
  • Lens protector
  • Belt Clip
  • Water proof up to 5 metres
  • 3xAAA batteries not included

Product Size:
L106 x W36mm

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